About me

I'm Lucas Nordström

Game Programmer

Game Designer




I am currectly studying gamedesign and scripting at Futuregames. During my studying I have also been playing volleyball at Sweden's highest series so ambitious is definitely a word many would use to describe me. Prior to studying at futuregames I went to Södertörns University for three years, where I studied gamedesign and scripting as well. 

 Fun Facts about me

  1. I have been playing Volleyball professionally for 4 years.
  2. I am born and raised on the Island of Gotland

 What are you doing currently?

  1. In the middle of playoffs of my possibly last volleyball-season
  2. Learning C++ 
  3. Learning Javascript
  4. Trying to polish and finish Odyssey to send it to SGA





                     Södertörns Högskola - Gamedesign and Scripting 

                     FutureGames - Gamedesign (currently)


 Ållebergsgymnansiet Riksidrottsgymnasiet Falköping

 GitHub     Sourcetree     Perforce (P4V)   


Unity       Unreal Engine      Coding C#






2017  Sollentuna Volleybollklubb

Youth Coach of the Year

"For with great warmth, limitless patience and great knowledge taken their trainees to the next level. This combined with studies and playing at elite level making the accomplishment even greater." - Sollentuna Volleybollklubb